The first episode consists of a boy who is alone in the streets of their city PitLurg, in the episode the boy goes by the name Mika Luner. He was abandoned by his family and is living in the slums. Mika is alone until he sees a girl laying on a bench. She has a long black trench coat and long black sweatpants. Mika walks over to the girl and asks if she is okay, he didn't think she should be homeless by the she was dressed. The girl perks up fast saying "damn, you disturbed my peaceful death." Hearing that Mika backs up and says "W-what?! Death? Peaceful..?" The girl says quickly "Whats your name?" Mika says "I am Mika Luner!" and bows. The girl gets up with her long trench coat floating in the wind of the night and responds with "I am Christina Mckelvey." After someone screams for Christina, Across the street. The person says "Christina! Stop with your suicidal crap for a second and be a normal human!" Christina laughs and turns to the person and says "OH! You found me Kirsten! Good Job!" Christina looks at Mika and says "come with me and Kirsten for a bit." They end up at a bar in the lower streets. "So Mika" Christina says "do you know who this is beside me?" Kirsten comes back with "Don"t give my personal information out, you idiot!" Christina laughs and says "This is Kirsten Hiles! She is my partner!" Mika freezes and asks "You guys are together..?" Both Christina and Kirsten look at him with wide eyes while Christina is on the break of laughter. Kirsten screams "NO, Christina make sure you clear up what the word "partner" means in our case!" Christina replies "You think i knew that he was gonna make that assumption!" while laughing. Mika apologizes quickly, and goes on with saying "What do you mean partners then?" Christina looks at him and replies "We are in the Centra Mafia." Mika knew what that was and remained silent for a second, he says "oh, isn't that the better version of the mafia?" Kirsten adds "Yes, it is. We work against what most people think we are!" Mika nods and seems a bit scared, Christina notices and says "No need to be scared! We aren't the brutal mafia after all!" Mika explains "Well i heard rumors about the Centra mafia, They.. I mean you guys also have to kill people right?" Christina adds "Yea, but it is for good reasons. Most of the people we deal with are hurting innocent people, we do stuff the military can't handle." Mika thinks "The military?! They have the most powerful weapons in the world." Kirsten says "Y'know, Christina we still have to keep going on our investigation." Christina nods, Mika asks curiously "What is the mission? Or is it classified..?" Christina smirks and says "No, luckily its not. We are getting reports about a murderer running around killing certain people." Mika says "What can you guys do about that?" Kirsten says "We use our power." Mika says "Power??" Christina adds in "Yep we have powers, we usually say skill but power works too." Mika asks "So wait, You guys have powers? You guys can fly??" Christina bursts out laughing saying "No, WE can't but I'm sure someone will gain that skill one day. Anyway i am going to go to the bathroom, ill be back'" Kirsten says after she leaves "I have a skill named Tech wave, I can grab things inside of technology and use it in a battle such as imaginary objects in a virtual game or show. I can take it from the device its on and use it. Christina has a skill called Alone with the dark, she can make a shield around her and stop them from using their skill against her. I have no idea why its called "Alone with the dark" but its very powerful, basically nobody can go up against her with their skill which is quite nice but sense they can't use their skill they have to use combat. Christina is very good at combat, but most of the time people get so shocked that they can't use their power that she can just quickly knock their lights out. She either has to touch them or when the power is on her it will deactivate it. Its always active, which makes it easier for her." Mika says "You know a lot about her, huh?" Kirsten says "Not as much as you think." Mika says "Oh i see." Christina slowly walks back from the bathroom, and says "Are we going to head back to the agency?" Kirsten replies "Yes, you can come also kid." looking at Mika. They get to the agency, and when they enter one person is sitting at there desk. Christina screams "Hey Bri! Look what we brought!" Christina grabs mika and pushes him near Bri. Mika bows and says "Hello ma'am, I am Mika Luner." Bri looks him dead in the eyes and stands, "Hello Mika, I am Brianna Malter. Nice to meet you." She looks at Christina and nods at her, they both walk out in the hallway while Christina says "We will be right back!" Kirsten nods and sits down, "I know what you're thinking, they are very close and know when one needs to talk to the other about something." Mika says "So does Brianna know a lot about Christina?" Kirsten looks at him and replies with "No, Christina is a very private person. Not even her closest friend knows everything about her. I must say she does know things about Christina i would never find out ever." Mika gets uneasy. Christina and Bri walk back in from the hallway. Christina lays on the couch and Bri gets back to work silently. Mika walks over to Christina asking "You said you were trying to die on that bench earlier.. what would kill you by laying on a bench?" Christina scratches her head and smiles at him saying "By laying the bench that way i could be able to block the air from coming in my lungs and when you woke me it stopped all the work i had put into getting to that point." Mika replies "Oh." Christina also says "I do not believe in suffering, so i am glad you woke me because i fell asleep i didn't feel the pain so its all good." Mika thinks to his self "Why would she want to die? She is very pretty, seems very intelligent and has friends.." Christina says aloud "I do not usually wear this trench coat, but i didn't have anything else to wear so i through it on." Mika get wide eyed and thinks "She has nothing under that?? she could of gotten hurt by someone easily if they knew that!" Bri says back "Huh, would of never known you had nothing under that. Luckily you have the trench coat, its very covering for that problem." while laughing a bit. Christina snaps back "Hey! I didn't do laundry and its what i had to do!" Kirsten adds "You're lucky you know how to take care of yourself when your alone." Christina says "Yea yea." and puts headphones on. Mika asks "What do you mean take care of yourself when you're alone?" Bri looks up and says "Christina has high level combat, you know about her skill, right? She has to know really good combat to be able to protect herself, even if she couldn't get away-" Kirsten interrupts saying "by a little plan she'd make up quickly in her mind. She could definitely hurt all of us if she wanted to but she doesn't." Bri says under her breath "She isn't like that anymore.." Christina says "Mika you have a special ability too, i can tell its just deep inside you." Mika looks at her saying "How would you know that?" Christina gets up straight looking directly at him "Just a little guess.." while smirking. Then the episode ends.

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