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Brianna Malter is one of the heads of the Centra Mafia, she is described as a kept to herself, quiet and laid low type of person. She has brown eyes and long light brown hair that she lays straight down her back like Christina and stand about 2 inches shorter then her. She wears a U-neck higher up dark red shirt that has Japanese writing on the front, black leggings and plain black shoes. She also wears a vest on occasion. She is known to be the closest to our lovely mischievous suicidal Christina. Kirsten in the first episode says that she knows much more about Christina then anyone else but definitely doesn't everything about her. By some information heard from Kirsten, Bri used to have a loving family until her father had been deceased and her mother left her. We know she met Christina when she was 14 in the mafia and was her partner, No not the centra mafia the brutal disgusting mafia that both of them fight against today. Bri has also said that even then Christina was very suicidal but way more evil and intimidating. We also learn from Bri that Christina did wear the trench coat we see in the first episode as her every day outfit in the mafia. Along with Christina saying Bri wore the vest she only wears when she has to in the mafia all the time aswell. Bri was also an executive. Perhaps they don't wear it because it reminds them of their past. Even so we still are not sure. Her motto "Its not only you but everyone else"

Kirsten Hiles is another head of the Centra Mafia, she is described as a loud, rude, and smart type of person. She has blue eyes and long brown hair that she lays on the front of her chest. She is the same height as Bri 2 inches shorter the Christina. She wears a orange sweatshirt with long black leggings and many ponytails on her wrist even though she never uses them along with black shoes. She is also a friend of Christina but isn't very close. She does know many thing about her just from being her partner. She is surprised she is Christina's partner because of how bad they get along, but now knowing that Christina usually messes with her partners we understand its not out of hatred. Kirsten has stated that even though she does frequently seem okay around Christina, she does know she used to be right under the mafia's boss and was almost the new found leader and for that reason she is quite terrified of her. Kirsten really hates the other agent in the agency Aiden Thomas and she always tries to keep Christina from killing herself. We found out that Kirsten did not ever have a family but grew up by herself with her sister. Her motto "Never speak to much or people will get uneasy."

Aiden Thomas is a lower rank of the Centra Mafia, he is described as an annoying, flirty and sad type of person. He has blue eyes, dark brown hair that centers his face and is only 1 inch taller then Christina. He wears a button down shirt and a tie with long tan pants and black shoes, he tends to steal Christina's black Trench coat and wears it but Christina always takes it back. He isn't a good friend of Christina more so she hates him. Even so he is also suicidal and was Christina's boyfriend and partner before. When they were partners before dating Christina would always try to hurt him, but then they started dating and she was always distracted by him flirting with others. Aiden has stated that Christina has blown up his car out of pure hatred towards him. He is also scared of her for the same reason Kirsten is but more so because Christina and Aiden both were executives in the mafia when they were only 11 but Christina being more brutal and careless to her enemies. Aiden has said he would also try to keep people alive but when had to would kill. He said that Christina would wear the black trench coat all the time and he loved the coat but he would never try to talk or ask her if he could barrow it because of how evil she was at the time. He is probably the most evidence we have about Christina being a ruthless Mafia killer, but he said despite her evil ways she cared for her closest friends. He said that Christina almost ended his life when he cheated on her but instead left him with bad wounds. He knows that she still has the ruthless self still in her but he will never try to get her to show it again. His motto "Fear the evil or be friends with it."

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