Christina is a interesting girl. She has long brown hair that lays straight down her back, deep blue eyes, she has a very slim buff look to her body. She wears headphones a lot and has a black pony tail on her wrist.

Her outfit consists of a higher plain V-shaped black shirt, with either black shorts or black sweat pants, and dark gray checkered vans with somewhat high white socks. Even though it might seem quite lazy dressing its very professional looking. She wears mostly black, and never does her hair. She always wears a bandage over her right pointer finger at all times from her biting the finger to keep herself from freaking out. She has also been repeatedly seen with a longer bandage on her right arm or right foot due to injures. Sometimes she wears black nail polish and a silver thin chain on occasion.


She has quite an interesting way of thinking. Even though she has smart mouth responses and fast rude reactions, she is very understanding. She does not let anyone close to her know that she cares for them first hand, but she truly does. She can be ruthless and creepy. Being like that she usually gets people to think she is crazy and not talk to her. She usually doesn't let people read her easily and nobody knows her actually personality. She is extremely close to Brianna or Bri for short. Bri is the only one that somewhat knows and understand her past and her herself. Christina is also known to be quite brutal. She would kick and hit people in order to gain respect and to let people know not to mess with her.

For being as hot headed as she seems, she is easy to cooperate with. Even though she would rather do all the work herself and get mad at everyone who does something wrong, Bri seems to get her to work together and be more calm. While her combat skills and presence signal an inherent threat, she is a funny and goofy girl.

In her past, it does show she was abandoned by her parents emotionally (meaning they didn't love her or except her anymore) and went off on her own. She soon found herself suicidal and unstable. Even though she hasn't done her long doing urge to end it all, she doesn't seem as into suicide as she used to be when she was younger.

Her main downfall is when her hatred comes in full force. She tends to hate people very easily, from little things too. Sense she does have fast reactions to stuff that drives her insane it comes off very harshly toward people. Which also is a sign she hates you deeply. She will also give a death stare to people she was close to and now she hates. She isn't close with many people which also might be a reason why she hates people so much. Sometimes her hatred will make her say scary, threatening, and mean things like when she says this to her friends about her teacher "I hope he gets it from us, and he is sick at home for months so i don't have to see him and hear his attitude again, that pervert." with a wide smile on her face.


Manipulation is her biggest strength, She will look people straight in the eyes and speak very seriously and deeply towards them. After she will say a sudden threat that doesn't sound like one an example is "i suggest you do this if you want to be able to get away again."

Her second bigger strength is teasing, not the jokey teasing she does, teasing like get her way them leaving the person alone. You might say its using people but no its teasing! She can get people to like her by letting them know little about her and getting that joy of knowing that someone likes her and partly filling the deep dark hole that she has in her heart. She does not do it often because most of the time she endures the pain she feels and leaves it open for which nobody can make it deeper.

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